Thursday, June 25, 2009

Naked Truth

Article 98:

Was he a hero or a heel? History unkind to Aguinaldo


During the centennial celebration in the Philippines, the not so blissful history or past of our first president of the first Philippine republic has been talk about and argued upon. Hence, it seems that it is Emilio Aguinaldo who is responsible for the execution of Andres Bonifacio, Procopio , and General Antonio Luna. In addition, even the artists from the past shows from their works that Emilio Aguinaldo has not been a fair leader, as what Alfredo Esquillo Jr. has been illustrated on his master peace entitled Punla ng ating kasarinlan sa Biak-na-Bato, shows the young Aguinaldo holding what appears to be the pact of Biak-na-Bato, whereas under him is a sort of mirror-image reflection of his arm pointing a gun at Andres Bonifacio’s head.

National artist Guillermo Tolentino have made an outstanding bust of Rizal and Bonifacio, it made them young, God-like, and immortal in plaster, marble, and bronze. On the other hand, Tolentino also made one for Aguinaldo, but not in so gratifying quality; he made it in a way that Aguinaldo will look old and immortal. Even with Nick Joaquin’s book, it concentrated on the defeats of Aguinaldo and it was emphasized there that he even fails to take Philippines away from the intruders.

Despite of Aguinaldo’s negative image, Aguinaldo was able to mobilize the Katipuneros in his Province and captured his hometown Kawit, Imus and Bacoor. His string of victories forced the enemy to train its guns from Manila to Cavite. To forge unity in Aguinaldo’s group, Andres Bonifacio was invited to mediate between those who have problems.


Based on the article written by Ambeth Ocampo, History hasn’t really favorable for Emilio Aguinaldo; he had negative image from his people and came out as the one responsible for the killings of some famous personality during their time.

From my own view, even though I haven’t read the complete story of the history of Emilio Aguinalo, it seems that all those articles are showing disbelief against the previous prominent leader; I think Emilio Aguinaldo was really desperate enough to achieve the power or the authority to lead, he’d been into a point that all those who counter his will, will suffer. He was once the leader or the president of the first Philippine Republic, the question is, have he been a responsible, truthful or worthy enough to be valued as a leader? It seems our history would answer another question which is, “How come he won that position?”

Actually when I am finished reading the article I was surprised, because I discovered the root of all the anomalies that is happening now in our government system; It’s not witty to found out that It was from the beginning of the Philippine republic where cheating was first practiced.

To extract all my points, Politics is where you could find all the dirtiest acts that you could name, whatever it takes, one will do everything in order to win the game.